Named One of the Best Retail Art Galleries on the North Shore

Experienced Art Consultants

Make a great investment in art with guidance from experienced art consultants. We can help you purchase artwork that fits your home décor, your personality, or your corporate image.

Enhance Your Business with Art

Eye-catching art is a great way to enhance your office or retail space. We specialize in finding works of art that suit your type of business. We can source modern, tasteful, and conservative pieces tailored to your individual taste, even if they are not currently on display at Bel Art Gallery.

Add Character to Your Home

Choosing art for a home requires taste, knowledge, and attention to detail. We help you select and purchase or lease art that suits your unique lifestyle, décor, and personal tastes.

Try It Free

Sometimes, you have to live with a work of art for a while before you can be sure it's right for your space. We let you display your chosen work of art in your home or office for a full week at no cost before deciding. A security deposit is required for this trial period.